We Dream, Develop, Realise, Test, Produce and Deliver



Our Culture

Integrity and focus on people assure that Fompak’s excellence spans across every level of our business. Our long history of positive and effective employee practices provides us with a set of beliefs, approaches and tools that we implement even in the finest details of our business. In light of our core values, we harbor a deep commitment to our employees. Developing and motivating our people as innovators and leaders forms a cornerstone of our management approach, which we believe is the main driver for our success.


Customer Relations

An integral part of our DNA is our commitment to create long-lasting customer relationships and work closely with them to identify their needs accurately and provide solutions that support their success. This is a concept that has been upheld by Fompak since its creation.


Commitment to Innovation

Fompak is a member of a group of companies that supply high quality products to the automotive industry. With R&D and design offices in multiple locations in Europe, Fompak continues to set the standards for the industry.