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Social Responsibility

We believe in the importance of Human Resources. Our employees are our most valuable assets. We take pride in our ability to fulfill our responsibilities towards society in close collaboration with our employees, the public, NGOs and other stakeholders in all locations we operate.

  • Education & Training

    Üstünberk Academy

    Üstünberk Academy is founded on March 7, 2014 within the evolving and globalizing Üstünberk Holding with the goals of creating a joint sense of  commitment and belonging in the organization, providing maximum return on education investments, planning employee development programs, initiating and sustaining change, and increasing employee loyalty. Üstünberk Academy has cooperated with Bilgi University Manager Development Center (YGM), both during the establishment of the academy, and in subsequent training programs such as the Management Development Program-Educator Training-Directors Development Program I, and the Management Development Program II.

     So far, Üstünberk Academy reached a total of 80 participants with its programs, and had its first graduates on April 10, 2015 with the Management Development Program I.

     The Management Development Program participants were selected among directors, managers and senior managers, while Educator Training program participants were specialists and assistant specialists working at the company.

    The Academy offered the following training courses to employees who will shape the company and its future in order to meet their needs, enhance their adaptation to a multicultural environment, improve their competitiveness on the local, national and global scale, help them become innovative and open to development, and equip them with skills and competences they require in their positions.

    • Basic Management Skills: Planning, Implementation, Monitoring
    • Turkey and Macroeconomic Indicators
    • Data-Driven Decision-Making
    • Corporate Finance
    • Change Management
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Creativity and Innovation Management
    • Customer-Oriented Innovative Sales Methods
    • Conflict Management I-II
    • Every Manager Should Be A HR Manager
    • Transformational Leadership
    • Teamwork-Team Management

    In addition to trainings courses, participants also take part in a series of project studies named “Beneficial Projects” that are designed to provide an immediate impact, allowing them to put to practice what they have learned throughout the training, as well as vision sharing meetings, learning in management action, social activity simulation and project and case studies. At the end of the training, participants graduate from the program as employees who recognize the value of internal cooperation benefiting from a visionary perspective to add value to their work. Graduated employees are capable of working in and leading teams; they are competitive, responsive to a multicultural environment, open to change and focused on quality. They embrace a culture of high performance and act in accordance with the company’s culture and values, ready to bring to life the organizational transformation.

  • Kütahya Student Dormitory

    The company has built a student dormitory in Kütahya with a capacity of 300.

  • Internship and Scholarship

    As part of our efforts to maintain our leading position in manufacturing techniques, we maintain open communications with educational institutions located near our production facilities, which allows us to focus continuously on our know-how and keep abreast of developments. Working in partnership with these institutions allows us to follow and implement technological advances and offer internship and scholarship opportunities in order to follow and apply new developments. We also extend these scholarship opportunities to high-achieving children of our employees.

  • Support to Vocational High-Schools

    The company builds laboratories and libraries in its neighboring vocational high schools, a testament to its support for these institutions.

  • School Restorations

    Fully aware of the importance of education, the company is committed to do its part in efforts to support education. Within this context, the company works in partnership with local education authorities, to restore and renovate village schools.

  • Environmental Sensitivity

    TEMA Project for Annual 23rd April Children's Day

    Our children are our future. As we have a duty to preserve our natural resources, we also have duty to instill an environmental awareness in our children. Each year on April 23 Children’s Day, the company plants saplings in partnership with the TEMA Foundation on behalf of employees’ children of primary school age, and present to them their “Thank You” certificates from TEMA.

  • Sports

    Summer Sports Schools

    For the past decade, the company has been organizing summer sports activities for group company employees’ children of 7 to 12 years of age. These activities are completely free of charge (including sportswear and shuttle services) and take place on sports facilities within the premises. We are proud to announce that some of our students are now playing in the professional football and basketball leagues.


  • Group Companies’ Tournaments

    The company holds in-house football, basketball and volleyball tournaments, and competes with sports teams from other companies in local games.


  • Blood Donations

    Blood Donations

    Each year, the company organizes a blood donation campaign in coordination with Kızılay (Red Crescent Association).

  • Miscellaneous

    Other Social Responsibility Activities

    The company also organizes other social responsibility activities such as collecting used books for donation, visiting senior citizens who live in nursing homes, and organizing occupational health and safety themed drawing competitions for children of group employees. The company is also a member of AKUT (Search & Rescue Association of Turkey).