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Seating Foam

Fompak is able to produce MDI and TDI-based molded foams, tailored to the comfort, durability, and aesthetic requirements of its customers. Thanks to its expertise, extensive machine park and chemical formulations, Fompak is able to meet the needs of all automotive manufacturers.

Fompak can create its own foam formulas from scratch, utilizing automated formulation, raw material transfer and feeding systems. With integrated automation technologies, the company can create an end product with different density and rigidity in different locations. Fompak’s foam production lines use TDI, MDI, or a mixture thereof.

Fompak’s foam production involves a 503-meter overhead conveyor line that is critical for the two-hour curing process of the foam after it exits the mold. This curing process allows the foam to cure completely, and therefore minimizes deformation in the final product.